Ancient Civilizations conference presentation

Back in September, I presented an hour-long talk, “The Worldwide Flood,” at Gaia’s Ancient Civilizations conference, held in Boulder, CO. It was well-received. Because of the audience reaction, I sought to purchase a link to the presentation from so that visitors to this site could watch it without cost. Unfortunately, such an arrangement is not possible (currently). However, Gaia offered a link to the talk’s first 15 minutes, available here. I hope that you will enjoy it.

If you would like to see the remainder of the talk, then this link might serve as a starting point.

Best wishes.

2 thoughts on “Ancient Civilizations conference presentation

  1. I saw your presentation on Gaia and rewatched it recently. It was excellent, you are not the only voice that has been ignored by todays science but please don’t stop talking. Because of people like you we know so much more than we would have about the pre-history we have too long ignored. Thank You.


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