Lemuria (Mu)

A few items regarding Lemuria (Mu):

  • In the late 1800’s to early 1900’s, COL Churchward visited ancient sites in the far East where he learned of Lemuria and its fate. He was also a painter, and his depictions of the flood’s inundation of Mu, done in 1920’s-1930’s, are amazing. Unfortunately, his work is discredited because of the prevailing “no flood, ever” paradigm.
  • Churchward’s map of Mu is shown above my ArcGIS model of pre-flood Earth. Onto my map I added an approximate outline of Lemuria. (I believe that Churchward should have positioned the eastern extent of Mu along the western coasts of Central and South America. The southeastern “tail” of Mu’s extent in his image seems to be in keeping with the southeastward direction of South America’s northwestern coastline.)Churchward Lemuria map with ArcGIS map and approx outline from mapThe southern extent of my approximation to Lemuria is about 29 degrees south latitude, perhaps a bit too far south for pre-flood human habitation (due to colder temperatures).
  • The map, below, is a DNA “heat map” depicting by color the closeness of human ancestry (white = little similarity, red = close similarity). The correct explanation for the similarities: pre-flood Mu was a very closely knit civilization, and its flood survivors from its eastern and western extents carry with them their DNA link. (The absurd explanation, follows from “no flood, ever”:  humans made their way tens of thousands of miles northward – during an ice age!, crossed the Bearing Strait, then made their way tens of thousands of miles to South America – without leaving their DNA “signature.” [Map reference: Llamas, B., et. al. 2016. Ancient mitochondrial DNA provides high-resolution time scale of the peopling of the Americas. Science Advances 2 (4).])DNA heat map
  • A few of Churchward’s paintings on the destruction of Mu are shown below. Note in the last image that he shows ice chunks being transported by walls of water. That is precisely what happened – all of the IO’s waters did not melt immediately, and as they coursed around the planet, they carried with them large ice chunks. I would like to know where Churchward gained this information, as well as whether or not his sources survived to the present.Churchward The Destruction of MuChurchward The Asiatic Wave (Unaccompanied with Ice) Massive wallChurchward The American and European Wave with ice chunks
  • About four years ago, I wrote an essay for a site operated by one of COL Churchward’s descendants. It is called “Mu and the Worldwide Flood” and it is available here.

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