Articles and Their Descriptions

Dear Reader,

The primary intent of this website is to chronicle my findings regarding the worldwide flood. To that effect:

– Peer reviewed article, “The Flooding of the Mediterranean Basin at the Younger-Dryas Boundary”. It will take some time to undo geology’s mess, but doing so has its ‘official start’ with the article’s publication. The foundations of a new scientific era are found in the article (as well as in my book).

– Essay: Debunking Geology’s ‘No Flood, Ever’ Theory: Historical Analysis & Bathymetry Evidence on New Maps

– Essay: Lemuria (Mu) I combine my findings with those of COL James Churchward and his paintings of Lemuria’s destruction in the worldwide flood.

– Essay: Galileo’s Telescope, Google Earth – As the telescope led to the end of geocentrism, so the new map data (e.g. Google Earth) nullify geology’s prevailing paradigm that has us all believing that there was never a worldwide flood.

EssayEyewitness Account of the Impact that Delivered the Worldwide Flood – Cave paintings found near Fouriesburg, South Africa, depict an eye-witness’s account of the object that delivered the flood. The painting captures the impacting object’s split as it neared impact – which led to the gap in the impact crescent.

Link to a recent paper dealing with the Younger-Dryas event.

EssaySimultaneous Impacts Configured Earth’s Landforms and Instilled Its Obliquity – This non-flood article uses new bathymetry maps to correct the means by which the continents obtained their current configuration. Continental drift is nearly as big an error as “no flood, ever.”

TV Interview – Working under the theory that any publicity is good publicity, I agreed to appear on George Noory’s show, Beyond Belief, back in October. The interview is now available here.

Radio Interviews – I appeared as the guest on radio programs. The interviews can be accessed at the following links:

“Midnight in the Desert” with host Dave Schrader.

Catastrophic Floods” with host Cliff Dunning:

An older interview with Cliff is available here:

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