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My intent in establishing this site was two-fold: (1) chronicle findings regarding the worldwide flood, and (2) find someone or some entity with assets capable of investigating the deep ocean bottom for signs of human activity (or financing such an investigation), because finding remnants of human activity in the deep abyss would immediately and forever end the flood/“no-flood ever” debate. In addition, it would put to rest the bad science that geologists propagate as a consequence of their nearly 200-year old “no flood, ever” error.

About which, please be mindful that the following statement is indisputable: geologists erred 200 years ago when they concluded that there was never a flood. From the evidence before them, they could only have concluded that presently exposed landscapes were never flooded by a common event, something that is undeniably true. Instead, they concluded that there was never a flood thereby assuming that all Earth’s waters have been here since the beginning. Upon reflection, you will likely agree that “no flood, ever” is the biggest mistake in the history of science. Sadly, it persists to the present.

To undo geology’s mess, the following posts capture and augment materials in my book. Some posts are directed at the science (and the error) whereas others address matters from a somewhat more anthropological standpoint.

Retraction Request Made to the Geological Society of London – I present an email exchange that demonstrates geologists’ intransigence regarding their commission of the most profound error in the history of science.

Letter to the Editors, Journal of Geology – I write to the editors of the journal that published “Extraordinary Biomass-Burning Episode and Impact Winter Triggered by the Younger-Dryas Cosmic Impact ~12,800 Years Ago” to identify two very important shortcomings in the article.

Galileo’s Telescope, Google Earth – As the telescope led to the end of geocentrism, so the new data (e.g. Google Earth) nullify geology’s prevailing paradigm that has us all believing that there was never a worldwide flood.

The Flood Waters: Source, Analysis, Remembrances – I use maps, recent scholarly publications, and some basic mathematics to determine the amount of water delivered by a cosmic impact nearly 13,000 years before present; we augment the analysis with historical accounts of the incident.

Scientific Paper: The Younger-Dryas Extraterrestrial Impact – My submission to the Geological Society of London, 6 Jan 2018. In an earlier post, I presented an email exchange with the journal’s editors, requesting that they retract their predecessor’s historic error. They refused, claiming that such matters are left to be superseded by evidence. This paper presents such evidence, so I submitted it to them. They refused to publish it, not because of its content but rather because of its style.

It Would Look Exactly Like a River System – A geologist describes the submerged topographic features: they are submerged rivers. Yet they think that they were carved by sub-surface processes, an act of anti-science as they are fitting observations (the submerged rivers) to geology’s theory that there was never a worldwide flood – a theory  shown to be erroneous.

Expedition Atlantis – I complement Plato’s description of Atlantis with map data to lay the foundation for an expedition to discover the city’s remnants and forever put to rest the idea that there was never a worldwide flood.

Eyewitness Account of the Impact that Delivered the Worldwide Flood – Cave paintings found near Fouriesburg, South Africa, depict an eye-witness’s account of the object that delivered the flood. The painting captures the impacting object’s split as it neared impact – which led to the gap in the impact crescent.

A Submission to Anthropologists – I submitted a paper to an on-line journal dealing with anthropology. It was declined; however, it might be of interest since anthropology is as wholly screwed up as is geology.

“What are your thoughts on Noah?” – I recently appeared as a guest on a TV program, and its host pressed me on the Noah legend (instead of concentrating on the science, much to my chagrin). It dawned on me that some might be interested in the matter, viewed from a scientific standpoint, and it is found in this essay.

Two Interviews – I appeared as the guest on two radio programs, and they can be accessed at the following links:



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