The Worldwide Flood: Articles and Their Descriptions

At the present, I seek a company with assets capable of investigating the deep ocean bottom. My intent: find remnants of human activity in the deep abyss, and so end the debate.

Until then, be mindful that the following statement is indisputable: geologists erred 200 years ago when they concluded that there was never a flood. Whereas it is true that presently exposed landscapes were never flooded, that in no way implies that submerged landscapes have always been that way.

The following links and descriptions capture and augment materials in my book. I arranged them in a manner so as to take the reader from the error’s commission to the data and analysis that revealed it:

Retraction Request Made to the Geological Society of London – I present an email exchange that demonstrates geologists’ intransigence regarding their commission of the most profound error in the history of science.

Galileo’s Telescope, Google Earth – As the telescope led to the end of geocentrism, so the new data (e.g. Google Earth) nullify geology’s prevailing paradigm that has us all believing that there was never a worldwide flood.

The Flood Waters: Source, Analysis, Remembrances – I use maps, recent scholarly publications, and some basic mathematics to determine the amount of water delivered by a cosmic impact nearly 13,000 years before present; we augment the analysis with historical accounts of the incident.

Scientific Paper: The Younger Dryas Extraterrestrial Impact – My submission to the Geological Society of London, 6 Jan 2018. In an earlier post, I presented an email exchange with the journal’s editors, requesting that they retract their predecessor’s historic error. They refused, claiming that such matters are left to be superseded by evidence. This paper presents such evidence, so I submitted it to them. They refused to publish it, not because of its content but rather because of its style.

Expedition Atlantis – I complement Plato’s description of Atlantis with map data to lay the foundation for an expedition to discover the city’s remnants and forever put to rest the idea that there was never a worldwide flood.

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